Sunday, August 23, 2015

6lbs 9oz bundle in 5th grade: Mama-Drama Monday

6lbs 9oz bundle. Yeah. That's how I will always think of him. Even though he is entering fifth grade, his last year of elementary school, he'll always be my littlest infant who cried his way through the first three months of life.

Funny, because now, he is a Mr. Laid Back, Easy Going, Friend-to-Everyone, kinda guy. Guess he got his protesting out of his system at the expense of mama's sleep and sanity ten years ago.

from his scrapbook...6lbs 9oz
I have been thinking about how much I've looked at my thirteen year old, and not given a ton of thought to the transition of my second oldest. It's easy to focus on the oldest one...he embarks on new territory for us as parents every day. And it's easy to focus on the youngest two...they still need a lot of our time and attention. But my ten year old gets the "oh, your brother has done this," or "you'll be fine, we know it's easy," or "this is nothing we haven't been through before."

But for him? It's still new, it's still the first time. I have got to remember this. It is his last year of elementary school...and he will take his first steps toward that milestone tomorrow. And that's special. Just as special as it was for my oldest.

I am starting to regret the moments past where I just wanted sleep instead of staring in his baby blues. Because now, life is busy, and he is mobile, and he is social. And time speeds by, and those beautiful eyes become a blur most days.

Mama might just cry, thinking how big he is, and how much he's grown in character. But really, I'll always see him as that 6 lb 9 oz bundle.

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