Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Target Run Memory Maker

"Thank you for letting me go with you," my four-year old said when we pulled away from...Target. It wasn't the pool, the playground, or the ice cream shop. It was a quick run to finish up some last minute road-trip shopping.

Today was a long day of me finishing up some writing and mothering and packing six people. I tried to take a momma-break this evening aka retail therapy. But my little girl wanted to tag along, even crying big ol' crocodile tears as I got in my car.

I could have just bribed her with, "I'll bring you a surprise," or I could have ask my husband to come to the rescue and distract her... I'll admit that those are not unordinary options around here.

But, instead, I scooped her up and invited her to come with me.

And, without trying or even planning, I think we made some memories--enough so that she genuinely thanked me as we left the parking lot. I am glad she'll have the fun mommy-and-me shopping trip to remember instead of the car pulling from the drive leaving her behind.

Trust me, there will be plenty more times that I'll choose differently, but tonight I realized the need to try and keep those times balanced with opportunities to include my daughter. All too often, I try and push time along for my own desire of peace...quiet...alone time.

I know it's important. I am a big advocate of "pour into yourself so you can pour out into others." But, I'll think more carefully next time my child begs to go with me on an errand.

One day, she won't ask to go anymore, and I'll have more peace and quiet than I might never want.

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