Wednesday, July 15, 2015

How To Love This World

What do you think?

Opinions are all over social media (should we gauge real life by that? maybe). 

But I see this "army" mentality among some. They declare a need to stand up and fight...shout their beliefs out and stand their ground. Whether they mean it to be or not, it's drawing a clear-cut line: "I am holy / you are not". And as far as I know, that's exactly what Christ fought against during his ministry.

I will admit, I mourn a bit at the changes of our society. I am not one to like change. I get nostalgic about the way "life" used to be. From my t.v. box perspective.

To be clear, I am not condoning or canceling out or saying one way or another on any issue. What I am wondering though...

Is the world growing harder to love, or are we being challenged to love bigger?

I open history links/books and realize that I see brokenness, hatred, perversion, and division laced throughout our world's timeline and it's not on the "other side" of the religious divide. It is ALL OVER God's people, God's church, and God's ordained.


With the world shouting "LOVE", even if it's in a worldly sense, what are we called to do as Love-Bearers?

What would Jesus do?

Did he sit with the righteous and the holy?

Did he only mingle with those who were forgiven first?

I almost wonder if "the world has grown so bad" (if I may quote Shakespeare) only because we have grown so BLIND?

Are our hearts so hard and so righteous that we cannot stand up for LOVE, but for division?

Is it possible, that maybe, just maybe, God is shaking us to wake up and remember...HE IS GOD, WE ARE NOT, and our GREAT COMMISSION IS TO LOVE LIKE CHRIST SO CHRIST CAN LIVE IN OTHERS. Unconditionally. To Love. We should LIVE TO LOVE.

That's it.

(And I hate to consider that possibly the world is the way it is because of our lack of Love over the centuries. Is it on our shoulders as God's children? Pride is certainly breeding ground for brokenness, isn't it?)

We might not agree with what is sin and what isn't. And we are all called to conviction for our own lives. But there should be no judgement because there are planks in our own eyes, no exclusion because we're included in an everlasting kingdom that is waiting for NOT ONE TO PERISH.

Could it be possible that God is using this world at this moment for something so beautifully GOOD and pointed straight at His Glory? 

What I hope is that we can love as He loved us. For He sent His Son to die for us. And in that we are undeserving. All of us. 

That's what's so amazing. His Grace. His Love. And it's free for All. Let's share it.

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