Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I HEART Summer

So far, this is what summer has been around here:

  • Slipping away to edit when I can find a sitter or a playdate. It might just be an hour...or an afternoon...but it makes me a better mom to get that time of creativity and working with the hope of something great on the horizon.
  • Waking up too late, and going to bed too late, and playing musical beds with my four year old who decided she has given up sleeping through the night--AGAIN.
  • Taking the kids for their one too many ice cream rounds, way too close to dinner time to have the chance to prepare it, let alone want to eat it. So cereal has been the Summer Special on the Dicken Menu.
  • Hanging out on the couch. Yep. I have allowed laziness to take residence with us this summer. And it feels good...even when I see newsfeeds of lots and lots of "to-do's" getting checked off, I still welcome it. Sometimes, in the laziness I find the special moments of just "being".
  • My crazy, over-the-top, over-emotional, highly energetic, highly expressive, LOUD children slinking around the house tattling, singing, whining, shouting, and laughing. Yep. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly are all right at home with us!
  • And then, there are a few things I am mulling over as we enter new seasons in life, motherhood, and even in writing. I hope to share these with you every Wednesday.
So, far, that's been summer...and right now, we are partying over on FB to kick off this blog and summer fun! Head over to my Author page if you'd like to join in and I'll add you to the invite list, or comment below if you already are partying with us...because summer around HERE means friends, fun, and prizes! 

I HEART Summer!

Happy Blog Kick Off Day!


  1. Congratulations on kicking off your blog party, Angie! Hope it's a fun-filled day for you!

    1. Thanks, Beth! Hope you are having fun in Bermuda! Jealous!!!

    2. Angie this site is beautiful. It reflects your inner and outer grace. I love that you've embraced the gift of being an amazing mom. Those small moments of fun will mean everything to your kiddos as they grow.

      One of my oldest child's favorite memories is eating Mac & Cheese out of a coffee mug. To her it was magical to me it was a moment of forgetting to run the dishwasher again.

  2. Aw, thank you, Cheryl. I really appreciate you stopping by. That memory is an amazing testimony to the small things making big impacts. I have often had to improvise on dish ware because of the dirty dishes! HA! Love how much grace there is in those little things too...enough that what we might view as a mis-step, becomes a treasured memory!

  3. Love the reminder that summer is in the little things. Sounds like you and your kids are having a great one. Our favorite daily summer memory this year is the kids collecting fireflies every evening. We never did that in NY so it is becoming a special Virginia memory.

  4. Julia! The first time I ever caught fireflies was in Virginia as a young child visiting my grandparents. ;) We have fireflies here too, but I think it's too wide open to get very close to them!

  5. Congratulations on your blog, Angie! I've enjoyed your posts so your realism and the way you capture life in the little moments...which are often bigger than we think. :) Blessings!