Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My Joys

So, it's been a rough 2014, but out of all the sadness, loss, and disappointment, I still find joy in several things...(besides my God who gives me ULTIMATE joy)!

I find joy in writing. A new story that has brewed in my heart for years!

I find joy in friendships. My friends have been such a light in my life. What would I do without them??

I find joy in my children. Ah, my children! So sweet and yet, soooooo energetic! HA!

I find joy in my husband. Although it's been a rough time for both of us, he has always showed me love.

And funny enough, with all the seriousness in my life, I find joy in something not so serious but OH SO FUN...Jamberry! My little business venture has been a blast! Check out my website: www.angiedicken.jamberrynails.net 

Have a Happy Tuesday!

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