Friday, May 16, 2014

Dust Storm

I haven't been here lately.

It's kinda been dry around one huge drought in my heart and in my life. I've been on my knees a lot, crawling one day at a time to the only One who quenches my thirst. And He only gives me enough to get through the day. I must return to Him each morning, every hour, to travel on this road.

This week has been an oasis, or maybe a foretelling of what it can be like to reach the fertile land.  Yet, nothing has changed really. Or at least, what I want to change. But, the shadow of His hand has certainly brought some peace over this place.

Perhaps, I am just emerging from a dust storm, and while everything is still coated in the stuff (I think upon my days in West Texas), the wind has settled and I have a chance to breathe in deeply.

So if you wonder if my blog is tossed to the wayside like a digital tumbleweed...then I guess it might have been. Sometimes, life scorches our hearts and keeps us in survival mode.

It's been a journey. One that I thought I would never EVER survive, but one where I have found peace and joy amidst it all. Consider my trials joy? Didn't experience that before, but I have a glimpse of that possibility...

But it's only with God.

Only with Him.

Only through God can a heart stand the heat. And only in Him can I continue through the desert. Perhaps I will start blogging regularly again? We'll see. No promises made, but know that I want to try.

Praising and hoping!


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