Saturday, March 8, 2014

Deconstructed Family Fun...wink, wink!

Yesterday, I planned a special surprise for my hubby...the reason I couldn't post my TGIF “family” fun idea. If you recall my post, My Little Dieties, you might get an idea what could've sparked this “family” fun tip. Well, like my grandfather suggested long ago (as stated in the post I mentioned above), it was about time we got a babysitter, as we do pretty often, but this time it wouldn't be for just a few hours.

Our TGIF was possible with the help of a very good friend and neighbor--whose two boys are best friends with mine, and her tween daughter is one of my daughter's favorite people...and her teenager rocks with caring for the dogs! Yes, this brave neighbor of mine doubled the kids in her house by adding my four! The kids' TGIF included entertainment and a another family.;) Hey, we all need close friends nearby to pour into our kids too, right? :)

Dinner in a basket
In the meantime, I picked my hubby up from his office at 6 sharp. We had “dinner” reservations after all.

Well...we had reservations (thanks to a gift certificate we won at a fundraiser). And I packed dinner with us. As well as an overnight bag.
A room with a view!
We didn't travel far, but we did pull into the downtown Marriott for a surprise retreat. All the fun we plan for the family most weekends call for a time to rejuvenate and hang out with my best friend sans children. I love my kids, but this winter has proven that even the most loving house can lose its luster with four kids, two dogs, snow piled up outside, and laundry piled up inside.
Perfect picnic

A get-away with a picnic dinner, swimming, and movie-watching in a cozy hotel room with just my husband, and a fun night of lazer tag, nail painting, pizza dinner with great friends for the kids, was the perfect thing for our family!

Every once in a while, we need to go our separate ways. The couple needs to re-connect without distraction or time restraints. And the kids need to leave the parents and know they are cared for beyond the walls of our house.
Breakfast for two was included!

And then, as we all come together again, we have a fresh focus for the family, and can embrace the fact that distance really does make the heart grow fonder!

This is me refreshed!
Do you ever plan spontaneous get-aways in the midst of this busy season? Who do you usually leave your kiddos with to have quality time with your spouse?

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  1. Such fun, Ang. Hope it was all you wanted it to be! Had lunch with hubby yesterday before he returned to Asheville. It was good to connect. Love ya