Friday, February 21, 2014

TGIF: MamaK Shout Out and Snack Time!

So, it's been a while since my TGIF posts, and today I hope to pick up momentum again.

MamaK and Hubby
I've always tried to get my family to eat healthier, and there are people out there who spur me on to keep on trying! For TGIF,  my longtime friend, MamaK, has just started a new blog sharing GREAT
healthy and delicious recipes, as well as her fun personality in every post. Her first post is a healthy brownie...chocolate? Really? I am ready! Check out her blog here!

In honor of MamaK's pursuit for healthy eating, I thought I'd carry the food theme in my family fun idea. It's not just for the weekend, actually it started out for the weekdays. But, it's about food, and food is ALWAYS fun for the family!

My kids come home from school scouring the pantry for food most days after school. They eat lunch early, and let's face it, the school meal portions are very small these days. So, I have always tried to keep the pantry stocked with easy snacks for the taking...but, what I've come to realize, is that they disappear quickly...AND...they aren't always that healthy.
This past week, I decided to not just meal plan breakfast and dinner, but snack time as well...and it's been a BIG hit! I have time before the kids get home to prepare something simple, and the kids love being surprised with a new snack each day. This doesn't just have to be an after school thing, but a weekend family snack is always fun, too.
Besides, meal planning snacks makes life easier, your budget under, and gives health and taste priority!

Do you meal plan your snacks? What kind of snacks do you prepare?

This week, I've made smoothies, celery with peanut butter and white chocolate chips, nachos with quinoa and black bean chips, and an assortment of cheese, almonds, peanuts, veggies and fruit.

I'll have to think of something extra tasty for Saturday...especially since Daddy will be around at snack time:)

Looking for recipes? Don't forget to check out MamaK's blog, I am sure she'll have some great ideas for snacks in the near future!

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