Friday, November 8, 2013

TGIF: Shopping SPREE! Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child 2011
One of our most treasured traditions is coming up this weekend: Our annual shopping trip for Operation Christmas Child!

We've done this since my oldest was toddling around. It is always rewarding, even if it takes a little bit of growing pain to get through it. Sometimes we have whining at the store...well, most times...because shopping for someone else with such abandon could be considered shock to children who are unfortunately immersed in a culture of, "that's mine", and "gimme, gimme!" But, whether it's in the middle of filling a shopping cart with trinkets, toothpaste, and toy cars, or sorting through the loot to pack each "shoe box" with great love for a child across the world, my kids never fail to discover the satisfaction and joy in giving Christmas away through Operation Christmas Child.

How blessed we are to live in this day where media can inspire us with pictures of those in need of our good fortune, that missionaries can bless children in every culture, and that we are able to touch a life across thousands of miles, one that we may only meet in Heaven one day!

National Collection Week is November 18th-25th! Click here to find out more, including a drop-off location near you! 


  1. Oh, we used to do this every year growing up at our church! I just saw the boxes the other day at Chick-Fil-A and wow, it took me back! Gonna have to get back on it this year! I can't believe Christmas season is already creeping up on us! :)

  2. Such a great ministry! Hope your boys have a blast packing those boxes!!