Friday, October 25, 2013

TGIF: A Renewed Tradition on Halloween

Moving to the Midwest over four years ago, has been one of the most rewarding decisions in our married life. The culture of family, friends, and community has blessed us so much. There are few things I miss, besides friends and family...and food, from our native Texas residence, but something I am always reminiscent about this time of year, is the concept of Fall Festivals. Yes, the Midwest celebrates harvest with pumpkin patches and hay rides, but Texas used Fall Festivals as a great Halloween alternative. They took place in churches with a consistent requirement of God-honoring fun and fellowship, without the Halloween focus. Around here, Halloween is alive and well, even my son's youth group postponed a field trip so that the kids could participate in "Beggar's night, aka trick or treating".

So, just because my church doesn't host a fall festival, doesn't mean we can't re-instate the concept in the warmth of our home! This last day of October, we're going to have a fun Fall celebration in a glowing house promising treats for the little "beggars" who will knock on the door, and delicious sweets, snacks, and entertainment for the kids inside! My kids always love a party, and having another family join us will make the celebration of God's harvest season all the more exciting!

How about you? As a Christian, has Halloween been an issue of conflict in your heart and family? I have wrestled with my opinion for about sixteen years now. This year, I was convicted to write a parable about what I think, and would love to share it with those who have similar struggles with this holiday as me. Send me a message if you'd like to read it: ad5000cd (at) yahoo dot com. (You might also like to read Wednesday's post on conviction vs. love, so you understand why I didn't post it on my blog.)


  1. I always trick-or-treated (begged... HA HA!) growing up. I think many times our upbringing and the way Halloween was viewed is a big piece of how we view it.

    For me, we were never allowed to dress up as "scary" stuff, and definitely no evil witches or devils. Honestly, I didn't even think about it, it was just a silly night to be goofy and get candy.

    As an adult, I wrestled with the "evil" part of this, especially as I hear other Christians denouce the celebration of Halloween.

    Honestly, I'm not dead-set in my view. I think each of us has to look at what is best for OUR family and what God is convicting our hearts.

    For us, we still allow our kids to trick-or-treat-- minus evil costumes. I have all girls, so usually there is a lot of princess going on anyway, HA! We are very honest with our kids, Halloween is NOT something we celebrate. But we refuse to let the "devil" have even one day a year, so we put on our FUN costumes, have fun getting candy, and try to turn the experience into something GOOD.

    I think a fall festival is a FABULOUS idea-- and hosting it in your home with another family seems like a SUPER great idea!!

    In the end, no matter how you choose to spend that day, as Christians, it's a day that we claim for JESUS and it is worthy to be REJOICED in.

  2. I had the same upbringing, Krista. And I always dreaded it because I didn't like the scary houses. But, Cody had a very opposite upbringing, and he's more laid back about it than me now! We've let our kids trick or treat the past four years because the first neighborhood we lived in was so community-friendly and it seemed so non-Halloween. Now, our neighborhood is so spread out, it's not really a way to connect with neighbors, just get the candy. You are right about claiming the day for Jesus! We are going to celebrate with full awareness of the Light of the world, no matter if the day is traditionally one of darkness. ;) Thanks for commenting!