Friday, October 18, 2013

TGIF Birthday Celebration

Seven years ago, I cuddled my third baby boy. It was a very special day, especially since my mom came into town a couple of days before saying, "I am here now, you can have that baby." And you know what? He was born on her birthday.:)
Snuggling their baby brother

Just as we celebrate our Savior's birthday bright and early in the morning, we do the same for our family birthdays. The kids wake up and run downstairs, the brothers (and sister if she is up) eager to watch the birthday kid open his presents.
"Snuggling" their seven year old brother

I love pouring love and gifts onto my children. But most of all, I love watching their siblings pour love and excitement onto them! We have a school day sandwiched by birthday celebration today as we have his party with friends this evening. This is a very special Friday in my book! TGIF!

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