Wednesday, May 22, 2013

When God Ushers In Friendship

I can't stop smiling.

This past weekend was a great big dose of Joy. My writer friends joined me at my house for a writer's retreat...but it was so much more...and they are so much more than just "writer friends".

They are the deepest meaning of friendship, of sisters in Christ.

When you can stay up until 3:30 in the morning talking everything from silliness, hopes,
devastations, dreams, politics, fictional characters, and nail polish, with a roomful of women...WOMEN....and say goodnight and hit the pillow WITHOUT thinking, "did I say something to offend someone"..."what are they thinking about me"..."am I too much"... and just rest assured that within that group you are loved--no matter what--THAT is special.

Rarely do I find unconditional love outside of my family. And to think I see these girls once a year, and mostly in the environment of competitive selling of our manuscripts, how could we clique so well? How could all of our emails back and forth really establish a closeness like that?

I am most confident in saying, it's ALL GOD! Of all the differences in our group, of all the varying opinions, struggles, and writing styles, we have our friendship deeply rooted in the love of Christ, and this weekend I realized how ALIVE and REAL my God is.

Sometimes it is difficult for me to tell someone how God has worked in my life...I mean, I know he does, and so many times I see His hand...but my memory is fleeting, and I teeter when I am asked about specifics.

But this weekend was a great big unveiling of God's roadmap in my life, and through many conversations that happened, and God-ordained occurrences (wink, wink to all my Alleycats), my breath is stolen from my lungs as I humbly recognize He's got me in a very special place alongside these women.

I am blessed.

I'll just admit that in the most humble, pointing-to-God, inspiring, exciting, treasured way.
 And it's safe to say that I am sharing that blessing with nine amazing writers for Christ! Check out our blog at


  1. I'm amazed, awed, and incredibly humbled to be a part of such a wonderful group of ladies. Why would God allow this for us? Oh boy, does he love us!!!
    It truly is a blessing beyond words - and that's saying a lot for writers :-)

  2. Ang, I feel the same way! Overwhelmed by God's grace and the dreams He has spoken into our hearts. Love you! Thank you SO much for being a fabulous host and opening up your home to us!

  3. Great post, Ang.
    God seasoned all of us this last weekend using His spirit to guide, teach, and empower. And as He used our unified group, we reaped. Looking forward to the day all ten can be together.

  4. Amen to what Mary said! I'm looking forward to that day!

    Meanwhile I just love - LOVE!! - hearing the stories and looking at the pics. Love you girls so much!

  5. I loved your post. God brought us together, strengthened us so we might better stand in Him even as we stand on different areas of the country. Glory and praise to His name!