Monday, April 8, 2013

With Spring Comes WEEDS!

We've had a lot of little weeds to pluck lately. Nothing major, but they could snowball if we're not careful...and I am SOOOO done with snow! ;)

Weed 1: My son tries his hardest to avoid situations that use his last name. He's been teased before, and now, he figures he can avoid it in the future. I point him to his father--who, by the way, is deserving of Father of the Year most every year of his fatherhood--and remind him that Daddy's got the same last name and look how great he is!

Weed 2: My youngest son referred to our neighbor as "old man", and got the neighbor all fired up! UGH! As much as my boys hear "respect" preached...WHERE did that come from?? So now, they are all scared of the neighbor, and think he's ruined their lives...yes, all the boys got a talking to by said neighbor. Lots of correction, forgiveness, and now, comforting.

**I must say that my middle son showed much bravery by going over to the neighbor and apologizing FOR his little brother. Too bad the neighbor hadn't cooled off yet, and told him to stay on his property! Who's the child now?

Weed 3: My oldest flat out admits he is addicted to baseball. His team won the silver bracket champs for a tournament they were in, and now he's obsessed. While this is a good thing in regard to pouring himself into something constructive, there is a fine line he needs to know about--especially when he wishes school would just end so he can go outside and play ball...I'll chalk it up to a little dose of Spring Fever for now, but we've got to remind him that God has him right where He wants him in every moment of his life--not just on the pitcher's mound!

Weed 4: ME! I am trying to take my own advice on a couple of these points. It's easier "said" than "done", but I'll do my best to try! AND, I have committed to riding in a 450 mile bike ride this summer, and while I was pumped when I agreed, I have NO desire now! Talk about a difficult weed to pluck! Gotta get the motivation!

So, bring on SPRING! Let the newness of a life-filled season overcome the weeds that have cropped up over a long dreary winter!

Do you have any weeds of your own to tackle? Is the sunshine inspiration or temptation to be lazy in this season?

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