Tuesday, August 14, 2012

An Intentional Atmosphere

With our new school plans (see post below), I have been deeply convicted and fired up to create an intentional atmosphere around here. The kids will be in school more than they will be home during waking hours, and now that they aren't getting spiritual enrichment at school, it is all up to....ME (and my husband of course!)
There are some key times around here that I want to fill my kids up with encouragement, inspiration, and just good old fashion love!

Sunday Night- We have actually done this inconsistently this past year, but my husband has crafted an awesome agenda and goal sheet for FAMILY MEETINGS. This will be a way to kick off the week with goals set, expectations discussed, and any worries or issues laid out in a safe place for everyone.

School Mornings- Something absolutely awesome about this new school, is we get an
extra hour in the morning to sleep, dress, and do whatever we like! I can't waste time sleeping, I hate sleeping anyway, so during our morning routine, we are going to have DEVOTIONAL. The cool thing is, I found an easy, quick devo among our many books that collect dust on our shelves. Yes, it's quick...but that's what we need to be consistent on the days we are lazy and the days we need to rush around.

School Drive- We have always used our drive to school as a time of PRAYER...even if it's just a thirty second one as we pull in the parking lot. This will not be set aside this year, and I hope that we can continue this all the way through to graduation. ;)

Dinner Time- We will also continue going through HI/LO's at the dinner table. This is so important to give the kids a chance to review their day and give Mom and Dad a peek at what they are excited about or struggling with.

Bedtime- This is another great time to talk with the boys about their day, and take PRAYER REQUESTS. For some reason, whether it's procrastination on their part, or the toll of sleepiness, they seem to open up about stuff as they are tucked in. My husband is going to hang out with the two younger boys and do this, and I am going to attempt to help my oldest establish a QUIET TIME with his later bedtime. I found another devo book that has never been opened, and the format will allow me to read Scripture and discuss, and then step away for him to do his own quiet time. I really pray this happens, it will be difficult because with him being 10 and the "Daddy's better than Mom" syndrome. He is all about Dad! But his brothers need Dad too!

Praying that this school year goes smooth AT school, and AT home. So much on the horizon!

Do you have any fun ideas to build into your kids? 

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  1. Great ideas Ang. This is going to be an exciting school for your family.