Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My precious time

 I woke up this morning on a mission. I would get the kids to school, then revel in my last morning to myself to truck along on my novel (mostly by myself, baby girl is still easily entertained so Mama can write). Ooh, I haven't been that excited to have my morning to myself in a long time. But it will be my last until the next school year, and I am a procrastinator by nature, so just knowing it would be my last few hours, revived my excitement.
And then, the morning started, and I drove the 20 highway minutes (this will change next year since they will be at a new school, 10 minutes closer) to the boys' school, and realized on the radio that it would reach 87 today and my son had pants on--to go on his field-trip to the zoo. Not cool (in more ways than one). Okay, let's knock off a few of my precious morning minutes and run to the store to purchase some shorts and get them to him before they leave on the bus...I wasn't about to drive all the way home and back again.
Yep, it's usually my fault that time management gets messed up. I am so not a time manager. Give me a family, give me a meal plan, give me a budget, and I'll manage...but is not my friend. It is like pouring oil in water, we just don't mix.
Oh well. I will say, that I have become excited for summer with my kids. I love spending time with them (when they are kind and somewhat obedient :)). I have planned some fun stuff and I found a pool to join! It's going to go by fast, and they will be a little taller and a little older by the end of it. Again, time is not my friend, but I will prove it wrong this summer, and enjoy every moment.

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