Friday, April 6, 2012

Why Good?

It's Good Friday. Odd, that we call it that when a man suffered the ultimate punishment, the consequence for ALL the sins that were, are, and will be, even though He was perfectly sinless.

 No, it wasn't good, for Him.

 Isn't that the point? Christ would be the sacrifice, suffer, lay Himself down, feel the horrendous terror of the Heavenly Father forsaking Him...everything that's not good, He felt on this day long ago.

So why do we call it Good?

In the most unselfish, undesirable way, Jesus did this for OUR GOOD, and His Father's GLORY!

It's all about what's GOOD for us!! Can you even believe that? The Holy, All-Powerful, MIGHTY God of the Universe cares about our GOOD!!

Rejoice that Christ died for your sins. And look forward to celebrating His Wondrous Glory, when He rose again to fulfill prophesy, and show us that we are REDEEMED!!

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