Sunday, April 8, 2012

An Easter Treasure

It was a beautiful day today. My children woke us up and we began our tradition of following the Resurrection eggs and re-telling the story of Christ's greatest sacrifice around the house to culminate at their Easter gifts.
After church, we went to brunch at a neighbors house and celebrated Easter with nineteen kids and their parents. It was a delicious, egg hunting, fellowshipping kind of time--one with laughter, relaxation, and contentment.
I love making these memories.
 My biggest treasure from the day was snapping a family photo, one I will keep close for years to come. Just from looking at this picture, I imagine there aren't many more where I am the second tallest in the family.
I stared hard at this at first, wondering why I looked wasn't me shrinking though, but my boys growing! Hope you had a very Happy Easter and many fresh memories at heart!

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