Friday, March 2, 2012

Playing A Toothy Tune

It's about time. I wonder what her face looked like when she first discovered that sharp jaggedy thing poking from her gums? Perhaps she said, in her nearly one year old head,
"All that pain for this?! I already figured out how to eat by gumming things to this really necessary?"
Yeah, my baby girl had quite a go of teething these past months. All your typical symptoms dragged out day after day...See her chewing her brother's lollipop stick? Ugh, she is sneaky! Also notice her runny nose...yep, she's a teether!

Her total of three teeth two weeks away from her first birthday is on the slow side of things since her brothers had mouthfuls by this time in their infancy. But, I like my little girl's pace. Slow and steady so we can enjoy the precious time that she is a sweet innocent babe!

My favorite thing she's been doing lately, is rolling her tongue in and out, all the while singing. It's the sweetest sound and she seems to be pretty proud of herself. We figured out yesterday that she just started doing this after her tooth came in. Yep, finding uses for the jagged thing, a way to scratch her tongue and play a tune! Here's the best snippit I could get of her little habit:

LOVE this girl!

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