Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Who's In Control of The What If's?

It always surprises me how quickly my attitude changes after I hear disturbing information on the news. I guard my heart by staying away from it as much as possible...especially since you can hardly trust any bit of it to be un-biased. Media is absolutely out-of-control now-a-days.
But when the information I learn about has to do with my children, their generation, and threatens their future well-being, anger wells up inside me. I feel hopeless.
Many politicians, news anchors, and activists, enlist a spirit of fear to try and make a difference...or push their agenda forward. The thing is, when they do this, whether they are camping on the side of truth, or are way off target, they plant the seed of, "what if..." We, as concerned citizens, feel like we must run to our "bomb shelters" and hide until the earth falls to shambles and we eat cans of beans for the rest of our hidden lives.
I am disturbed by the stories I hear of school systems ignoring parents and impressing agendas on young minds. It disgusts me that there are people in this country who bear hatred for the very land that sends men and women to die for their comfy lifestyle of Starbucks and Satellite T.V. But what scares me most is, sitting back and saying hogwash because we just don't believe THAT story on the news, and then getting blindsided by the hatred, the agendas that will indeed collapse our values and principles. What if IT is true? What if we ignore it, and it consumes us? I wonder, how many generations before us have struggled with this catch 22?

The only way to calm myself, is to know that nobody is in real news anchor, no politician, no terrorist. My God is GREATER, He is HIGHER, and He ultimately will protect His people as He has done for thousands of years.
Something I have heard in a Bible study before, is "What if (insert worst nightmare) happens, Then (insert God here)." Nothing that happens here on Earth will throw God off His throne, or prevent His will from being done.
If I think about my future, my children's future, I must only look to the One who shapes it. If I try and look at the world without Him in it, I realize just how scary the world really is!

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