Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Sudsy Box on Poli-Sci

**If you disagree with my opinion, then please feel free to post your own opinion on your blog. This is not an invitation for debate...this is my virtual soapbox. Hope you have one too! Thanks!**

I'll admit it. I have mostly ignored politics this season. And it's not because I am apathetic, far from that. It is because I absolutely don't want to get sucked into the finger-pointing, the fear factor of "our country is going to pot if so and so wins". There are some issues that I am passionate about, VERY passionate about. Issues that I believe will shape how my kids live and survive in this world...the opportunities my grandchildren will have. Sometimes I dread opening a forwarded message or a Facebook link, because of the shock I receive that there are actually people who believe THAT will make the world a better place. Life, Liberty, and Justice are hard to understand anymore. They don't seem as valuable, because they don't mean the same thing to everyone. It's a pursuit of happiness, but now-a-days the happiness of one person can nearly cripple another, or stunt the growth of a future citizen. Spiritual, Intellectual, Emotional growth. In my opinion:

Life- It's not a choice. It's a blessing whether as a consequence or an answered prayer. To allow doctors to end life according to circumstance or checkbook is not supporting this unalienable right.

Liberty-Freedom. Free to do whatever the heck you want? Hmmm. Let's just stomp our feet on any type of moral code (whatever feels good, right?) or scientific evidence (have you evolved lately?), and allow our children to be stripped of any sense of decency and absolute truth. Oh wait, absolute truth is no longer in fashion, individualism is in. Just because something "could" be one way, doesn't mean it is until it's proven. I'd like to depend on proven theories and not convenient ones.

Justice- This is tricky. Everyone is hypocritical. Some judge who should be denied opportunity based on their skin color or economic status, while others push those people to the front of the line just because of their skin color or economic status. Justice seems corrupt, based on agenda, using their own definition of liberty to manipulate the system. 

Honestly, I have no idea who I am going to vote for in November. I may not stick my nose in the newspaper or watch debate shows all night long, but I know who I don't want leading our nation, and it leaves me with very few candidates to choose from.
All I can really do, besides vote, is pray. God tells us that He chooses the leaders, and regardless of what the right or left persuade, the person who God will ultimately use in his greater plan shall prevail. Believing Him, is enough.

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