Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feeding An "Army"

I didn't believe my elders when they said, "Your boys will eat you out of house and home"...but now, I am the old mom who says it to the first-time mom of a boy!! Geez, my pantry is in constant need of re-stocking, even minutes after the grocery store!
Besides figuring out economical ways to lessen our grocery bill, I have gotten on a healty-eating kick. Not dieting, just keeping processed foods, the "dirty dozen" fruits and veggies, and fatty foods out of our kitchen. It's really difficult to provide healthy snacks that are affordable and satiating, so I have adaped a snack idea one of my friends has taught me...homemade snack mix.

Raisins, Cheddar Bunnies ("real" goldfish, no fake stuff), Pistachios, Peanuts, and chocolate( not necessary, but fun!). All put in little baggies so they can just grab and go. The great thing is, my boys LOVE it! If they need something else before dinner, they get fruit or string cheese, but I can honestly say, they don't ask for snacks near as much after having a snack bag of this stuff...maybe the protein in the nuts, or the length of time it takes to eat it brings them minutes before dinner is ready? Who knows, all I know is with little effort I am able to feed my "army" on a daily basis, without pumping them full of artificial junk food!


  1. I feel your pain. My three kids eat endlessly it seems.
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  2. That's a great idea, Angie. I'm trying to get into freezing things so that I always have something on hand, but I'm not there yet. :) I'm afraid my boys will eat us out of house and home as well. :)

    I mentioned you on my blog today. :) I always love your honesty about parenting.