Thursday, January 19, 2012

I am BACK!

Blogging and writing have taken the back burner these past couple of months. With a huge transition as we moved a family of six to a new city, as well as a baby who doesn't care for sleep in the middle of the night, something had to give to keep this mama sane! My hiatus was more than that though.
I was absolutely spiritually dry.
I expected soooo much of myself, without relying the teensiest bit on God. I know this is the case because during these past two months I have wrestled with so much negative self-talk and keeping my eye on EVERYTHING else around me besides Christ. So when I would sit down to write, I had nothing. Because I had dedicated writing to God in the first place, it makes sense that cutting myself off from Him would indeed bankrupt the gift I was trying to make my own!

As the new year trucks on, I have found my center once more, relying completely on Him who loves me and cares for me, knowing I am worthless without Him. Funny how quickly my writing picked up once I gave Him the time of day!

Today, I am blessed to continue this writing journey, as well as cheer on my fellow writers who are a few steps ahead of me in this publishing process. One of my friends from a crit group I was in a couple of years ago, had her first novel published this month! It is so exciting to me, because I saw her work before it was contracted, and I will have to say, it was amazing then too!
So if you want to check out a great story, written by a very talented lady go to:
Sixty Acres and A Bride by Regina Jennings

I hope to read it and review it in the near future!


  1. Thanks for the encouragement, Angie! And thank you for all the wisdom you shared and care you took critiquing Rosa and Weston's story. It has your fingerprints all over it.

  2. Angie, I love your message in this post, and I'm glad you're back to writing. Congrats to Regina!