Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sun and Sand Slipping Away

Two blogposts in one day, wowzers. I have hardly been able to do two in one month!
I write this from the colorful kitchen of the beach house we rented for our summer vacation. We have had a fun four day trip, and I can't believe it is almost over. I was just browsing through some old posts, and came across my post called, You're Gonna Miss This, and I was just thinking this today. Life speeds along. My best friend planned this trip sometime this spring, and now it is almost over.
We have walked along the beach, the children have splashed in the water in their clothes, their swimsuits, and their clothes again. We have built sandcastles, sandcars, sandbars, sand fish ponds. We have made s'mores over a beach campfire, and we have enjoyed time with old friends. It has been a packed weekend, but sadly a fast one, and now everyone in the house (three adults and seven kids), are sleeping (except me!), and will wake up, load up, and drive north.
It just goes by so fast. My boys no longer cling to my leg at the edge of the water like they did a few summers ago. They ran from me, with their friends, jumped in the water, waded out further than I was comfortable with, and played, and played, and played. No stoppin' them.
Time was spent with my best friend of 18 years, and now we will part tomorrow, and the next time I see her kids, they will not be the sweet little fourteen month old, the cars-obssessed 2 year old, and the dainty little 5 year old ready for kindergarten. Who knows when we will see them, but they will have changed so much.

Another family joined us for two of the days...dear, dear friends whose children are peas in a pod with my three boys. Many tears were shed by my six year old when he had to say goodbye to them yesterday. It just goes by so fast.
 We're going to look back on this beach vacation, and remember the chaos, the friendships, the sunburns, and it's going to seem like forever ago. It's claustrophobic to think about it, really. It's inevitable. Time flies when you're having fun. And we have had so much fun these past 9 years as parents, it's lightening fast.

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