Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My All Star Player

Well, this isn't the best picture...I will try and get a better one. My six year old is almost finished with his first season (and hopefully last) of t-ball. Not that he doesn't enjoy it, or that he's not good at it, he is just ready for the big leagues aka coach pitch. :) It is tough for him to start at this level when he's been playing ball with Daddy and his brother for two summers...and he sees his big brother play on a "real" team.
But I am proud of this little guy in light of all that. He is the most encouraging team mate, always shouting at his friends "good hit" or "go to second!" or "SAFE!". I joked with him and said, "Maybe one day you'll be a ref." And he looked at me like I was crazy...he wants to PLAY! He hits the ball as best as he can, and he runs those bases as if his life depended on it. He proudly says "his team is the best" and he told me he's a little upset that his coach doesn't shout their team name louder in the group huddle. He is just itching for the real thing. It will come soon enough, All star! :)

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