Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Eating My Mamaspeak

My kids have always made me eat my words.


The moment I say, "he sleeps through the night...." OR "he loves broccoli", "he" is up twice and "he" boycotts veggies. It gives me a chuckle and I think it helps keep me humble as a mother of three very unpredictable little boys.

But now?

Is this little girl inside me taking after her brothers in making Mommy a liar, so soon? How many times have I heard myself this last trimester say, "Oh, I always go early...8 days, 14 days, 9 days early...there's no way I'll make it to my due date with my fourth." 


I can almost hear her little giggles filling my tired uterus as we approach 5 days out and I sit here biting my tongue.

1 comment:

  1. Argh... hope she comes for you soon!! I have a feeling I'll be eating those same words in a couple months. Both my boys were 2 1/2 weeks early- I've been saying that this girl will hopefully be the same. We'll see! Praying for a great delivery for you SOON!!