Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You Don't Have to Cook!

My husband took a "quick" business trip to Europe this past week-- 5 days. If you told me he was going to do this a few years ago, I would have fought it tooth and nail, not just because I am 8 months pregnant, but because I despise being the only adult in the house, and single parenting.
A lot of my whining was from fear. It's funny, because this has been brought up a lot in my current Bible study, and I am realizing my old fears aren't unique to me, and a lot of women struggle with it. I look back, and after about 8 years of resisting each business trip...and making my husband's life miserable in the process...and, with the help of a lot of prayer, listening to Beth Moore, and having some stellar mommy friends as examples of adjusting quite nicely to traveling husbands...I took a giant faith step trusting God to get me through.
Instead of living in "survival mode" the days he was gone, I started to continue with life as normal, and enjoying each moment with my kids, friends, and in my daily routine, as if he was going to show up for dinner that evening....which leads me to my biggest reason for blogging this...the ONE and ONLY great thing about a traveling husband....

You don't have to cook! :)

Peanut butter and jelly, chicken nuggets, crackers and cheese, fruit, and veggies with Ranch...oh, and LOTS of cereal consumption makes for a less-stressed single mom, and a pretty decent kitchen!

All this being said, I am so thankful that his job doesn't require travel except on occasion, because now I see it affects my boys more than me. They miss their daddy. And this morning when they asked when he would be home and I told them, they gave a round of applause.
Those boys love their daddy!

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  1. When Ryder was a baby, Matt traveled 3-4 days a week in Mexico. I loved it for that exact reason...no cooking, it didn't matter if the house didn't get picked up one day, I could watch whatever I wanted on TV...it's not ideal for them to be gone, but it always seems to work out! glad you found your groove!