Saturday, February 12, 2011

Baking Stage Fright

My poor attempt to "dress up" the crispy cookies
 I try to bake. And I do a decent job at it when it's just for us. But tell me I have to bake for a group of people, even if they're kindergartners, and I will inevitably fail.
I guess I have baking stage fright.
It's funny, but other challenging things in my life, don't have this same effect. Right now I am in the middle of submitting for a writer's contest, and the challenge of it doesn't scare me, but pushes me to do my absolute best. I wish I could take some of that drive for the simple things in life, like baking a dozen cookies for 6 year olds. But I guess it's good to spend that energy on my dreams, and the money on some nifty bakery-made cookies that I'll place on my own platter :)!

1 comment:

  1. Ha! Angie, this post cracked me up because I think I have that same baking stage fright...too funny! When I really need to take something "pretty" to a function, it often fails;)

    And did you submit it to the G contest? I just did too! Praying for favor for you right now.