Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Mommy Oops!

I guess the windchills of -30 got to my brain (and some would say my heart) yesterday, and I tried a new and slightly mean approach to get my son to the dr. without a fight. Ugh, I feel awful just admitting it! But, for all you moms out there, don't try this at home! It's not one of my highlights as a mom!
The word "shot" around here brings on ultimate deterrence when the boys are sick or faking illness. "Will I need a shot?" is their first question before they decide if they feel bad.
 I will always remember the humiliating scene of my oldest at 4 years old, running around the examining room screaming and yelling, while the nurse and I tried to "catch" him to give him his immunizations. The whole waiting room laughed as we left, like I do now when I think about it. But as a first time mom of an older child back then, it was NOT funny.
Well, my youngest is at that age now, and needed his last booster in a series, and I wanted to curb the above scenario from repeating itself. I decided to use that word, "booster" to my advantage. So the whole time we were going to get a "booster". He questioned what it was, but was easily distracted by his entertaining brothers.
Once I cradled him on my lap and exposed his arm he knew exactly what a booster was! Poor guy, he was ANGRY at his mama! And I don't blame him. Looking back on it, being vague when I am usually upfront and honest with my boys, was a trip-up of character on my part.
Thankfully, he forgives easily, and I loaded him with praises and rewards! 
What a morning!

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