Friday, December 24, 2010

Our Christmas Eve

The presents are all under the tree.  The boys finally fell asleep, and will surely wake up bright and early tomorrow. Santa has eaten his share of baby Jesus' birthday cake and drank his milk.
They sat with us in church tonight...they were not on their best behavior at all. But during the episodes of tense disciplinary whispering, and pulling them off of the chairs in front of them, their little eyes lit up when they figured out what each image of the service meant. Adam and Eve, God's light, the Baby in a Manger, and his ultimate Sacrifice as a 33 year old man.
My almost-six year old whispered to me, "Mom, it's good that Adam and Eve sinned, or else we wouldn't be here." I love theology grasped by children's hearts.

We came home, had a little practice session on the couch, sitting straight forward, quiet as can be, after the monkeying around at church, and then we celebrated the Saviors's birth with song and cake. The boys felt very special that the present part of the celebration will be for them...just like Jesus is their biggest gift from God.

My husband and I enjoyed putting toys together, shooting nerf guns at eachother, and reminiscing about past Christmas eves. It struck me, how fast time flies and how we have already had 8 Christmases with children! We'll have 6 or 7 more with a Santa believer in the house (maybe) and then Christmas morning will be quiet and calm...civilized if you will.

So tomorrow, I am going to enjoy the chaos of mounds of wrapping paper, the squeals and laughter, the nerf darts flying around the room. One day, we'll sleep in until 8 o'clock and have breakfast before sharing gifts of clothing, magazine subscriptions, and gift cards. And even if it will be a different season, I am glad to know that the Reason will be the same forever...
Christ was born, died for our sins, and lives forever that we may REJOICE in HIM!
He came for YOU, for EVERYONE!
Merry Christmas!


  1. Found you from Krista's blog. Your tree is gorgeous.
    I'm a SAHM w/ four boys and baby girl - she's 3 now, but the youngest! :) God bless.

  2. Thanks Kristin! How are the boys with your little girl? Mine are so excited to have a sister, I think they will be great and she will be very blessed!!!
    Thanks for stopping by!