Tuesday, October 26, 2010

To have a friend like Mel!

Do you remember Melanie Hamilton from Gone with the Wind? She was the quintessential friend that everyone would love to have. Nothing that the spiteful, conniving Scarlett O'Harah could say or do, would taint the charming, humble attitude of Christ-like Melanie. Oh to have a friend like her! Someone who looked past your flaws and found good in all you do.
Today in Bible study, a couple of women and I confided in each other about how difficult the road is to deep friendships as we get older. We felt bad noting friendships where we put in all the effort, and rarely felt cared for by the friend. Should this bother us? Shouldn't we be more like Melanie...giving always, and expecting nothing in return, continuing the overpour even when it apparently is blown off by our said friend?
Something else we talked about, was the seasons we go through in friendships. How some may only be designed to fulfill a short-term purpose, and once the time is up, you move on without hurt feelings. This is so difficult for me! I want to be best friends with ALL my friends...I hate change and want to always have that "honeymoon" phase of friendship...where you haven't allowed the flaws to irritate you, when you haven't had a hiccup in communication. Maybe it's because I traveled a lot when I was a child, and I depended on long-distant friendships to carry me through the rough transitions. It's funny how children seem to correspond better than adults...I keep coming across letters from my childhood friends well after I moved away from them.
Just recently (the past 5 years) have I realized that my friendships can't always stay the same, and I can't always feel connected to everyone on my path ALL the time. It makes me sad, but it's the growing pains of adulthood, I suppose.
I thrive on friendships. Deep ones. Ones where I can call them up at all hours of the day, and just talk about nothing. Friends who, despite my many flaws, care about me as much as I care about them. I am a social butterfly, but love to settle into one or two close friendships and find security in that fellowship. I want to be Melanie Hamilton, and have a Melanie Hamilton befriend me!
But out of all this conversation today, we were most comforted knowing we have an intimate friendship with us always...the Spirit lives in us and never falls short.
I am reminded of Josh Hamiltion from the Texas Rangers, saying in response to how he felt about moving on to the World Series, "I just point to Jesus Christ, He's my best friend." SIGH. IF only I could be satisfied in that!


  1. Ang!! I love this post. It is wonderful...thanks for this one! Oh and Thank you so much for the dinner ideas!!! Chicken pot pie has never sounded so easy! You're the Best!

  2. Great post! A group of friends and I have been talking about similar things lately- the need for people to have a deep community to do life with!! Thanks for writing about this!

  3. Phenomenal post! I do have a friend like Melanie!!! And her favorite novel is "Gone with the Wind!" She's also A WRITER, lover of chocolate and coffee, and LIVES IN MY AREA!!!

    Yep, God has been so good to me.