Sunday, September 12, 2010

Love God. Love People.

 At church today, the pastor talked about God's greatest two commandments- to love Him, and love others. He talked about Christ's company with taxpayers and sinners, and His simple focus on erasing their sins. Christ loved others period.
Right after church, I watched a newscast about a Christian church in Memphis that is welcoming a neighboring Islamic center. It was so touching to hear the pastor say, "We believe in Jesus. He tells us to love our neighbors." They welcomed them to the neighborhood with a friendly sign, and even offered temporary use of the church's space. The pastor didn't say he believed the same as they did, he didn't act like he'd compromise his own belief, he just followed what Christ would do, and loved his neighbor. Yes! This my friend, is GRACE. You love first! You reach out and be Jesus with skin on! Without expecting anything in return. The pastor did say the muslims were very appreciative and friendly.
 We don't hate and turn our backs on others, we love them regardless of their belief, appearance, standard. That's how you influence the world for good, right? Soften your heart and others will feel the love!

Have any of you felt that growing up and being more in-tuned to the true doctrine of Christ, has given you the chance to be more emotionally expressive, to reach out to others in an influential way?


  1. Yes! And you are influencing the world by sharing this story. What a great message indeed! Thanks Supamom!

  2. I think that's part of maturing too, really making and owning our beliefs.
    Our pastor spoke about loving our neighbors, with the Good Samaritan yesterday -- interesting! Imagine the congregation at your church and mine going and loving neighbors! I've prayed this morning about a neighbor I can love...

    And I'm excited about MOPS too! It's my first full year.

    Visiting from the Nestwork again!

  3. beautiful reminder. I find that the more I'm in the word and in His presence I am more aware of the needs around me.

  4. Yes, and it makes me happy to hear that a church did something like that. So many people claim to live a "Godly" life and they are the ones spewing the most hate. I try to treat others the way I would want to be treated and remember to let my light shine like the song, because like you said that is what is going to bring people to God! Beautiful post BTW. I hope your week is starting out to be a great one!

  5. this is the whole foundation for our church - to connect with God and connect with people. We receive God's grace to us through faith and then practice that faith by showing grace to others. It's a beautiful circle perfectly designed by God. Love this post!

  6. btw, I found you through the Nestwork!