Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Oil and Water Find Harmony at the Wii Alter

This morning has been a punching, pushing, hitting, yelling match among my three wrestlers. Every few minutes I heard one crying up the basement stairs blaming another brother for their latest bruiser! UGH! I truly am a referee around here! I managed to get the floors mopped and take a quick shower once they took a break from beating eachother up.
 Just now, I started on the dishes, and realized there was a strange noise coming from beyond the loud wii in the living was kindness! The boys settled in front of the video game and are using teamwork to play their fave Mario Brothers! Wow. They are as rollercoaster emotional as me! And I must admit, although I am a freak about how much time they spend on the thing, today the Wii has been a lifesaver!


  1. Stopping by through Mama's Nestwork. Though I 'only' have 2 boys, I envision that this is a scenario that I will come to face often as they grow up. Going to follow you and look forward to getting to know you better.

    HRH Mommy

  2. I think I spend most of my days playing referee too! Then all of a sudden the clouds break and they are the best of friends!