Friday, July 23, 2010

A Moral Cry from One Parent to Another!

I remember when I was young, loving to play with dollhouses. My sisters and I would play house with our little figurines. There would be a mama, daddy, kids, and maybe some grandparents. I also remember admiring all the different accessories for our houses at the toy store. Maybe there was a point where I got so caught up with playing house, that I lost my parents and searched the store frantically trying to find them. I know what this feels like, so I'm assuming at some point in my childhood I felt that fear- or, it might be because I know this fear as a parent when I lose track of my own child in a public place.

This is how I felt today when I was told some disturbing news. I felt lost in a strange crowd, hopeless, not knowing what to do with the rage I felt. And although I found peace by turning to my heavenly father, knowing He is in control, I feel obligated to share the news with my parent friends, hoping to heighten your awareness for your children's future.
There are school administrations in different states, who insist they are protecting the rights of children by confidentially counseling them (without parental notification) and distributing birth control to kids as young as 6 years old. They feel that they will be infringing on the rights of the child by telling the parents that their son or daughter is seeking sexual protection, no matter the age. One actually plans on teaching sex ed in Kindergarten, and using erotic images for 5th graders to view them as art. I ache for the parents of these schools who are outraged and who feel a hundred times more hopeless than I do as a mere witness.

This is the most blatant attack on our family structure I have heard in a long time. First off, a child this young who is seeking sexual activity is most likely experiencing exposure that should be counseled as sexual abuse not potential sexual activity. I strongly feel that any person who believes that sexual intercourse is okay for children in the early elementary years and endorses it, should be arrested for child abuse.
This may be strong, but SOMEBODY has to stand up for our children's sake! This school administrator should be arrested for child abuse, just as a parent who is caught endorsing this activity as okay for their own child would be crucified in our media!

So parents, beware. You may not just be handing your child off to the care of teachers when they are old enough to attend our great American schools, you might be handing over your parental rights to a school administration. Democracy may no longer apply to our schools. You may no longer be consulted when it comes policies that drastically affect your child's welfare.
My plea:
Please make sure that your schools are run by parents, not the school district. I will forever thank the good Lord that we have found schools for our kids that insist education is a co-effort between teacher and parent. And my children will know the innocence of role playing as mommies and daddies, and not being expected to make the choice to grasp adult concepts that go along with playing house.

**please note, I revised the above to not include particular names of the states involved because I realized I may have blended the two articles not realizing I was talking about the other state. However, the information is true, and it really doesn't matter which school district it is, the fact is, this is happening!!**


  1. Well said Ang...can't even imagine Cassidy learning sex ed in Kindergarten...I will decide when she gets 'the talk' and it ain't gonna be any time soon! I am really outraged at the thought that people think this is OK?!?! Really people? I will be spending a lot of time on my knees about this one.

  2. Wow! It is unbelievable isn't it? You said this well and it is very frightening to even think that this goes on. Before I was a mom I was a teacher and the district I worked in did not do this. But we must be aware that this goes on in other districts. Thank you for sharing this!

    Mama Hen

  3. Just stopped by to say hi! have a great night!

    Mama Hen