Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Erratic, Undefinable ME!

I have missed my bloggy friends, and it has only been a few days. But during these few days, I've realized how much I show myself through this blog, and define myself in the minds of others. This is good, and not so good, depending on the interpreter.
Life is so full of variables that my trials and triumphs definitely change like a train station timetable! I resist quoting the green ogre on Shrek, but honestly, "I'm an onion, I've got many layers" (imagine the scottish voice of Mike Meyers coming through..).
With this being said,
I want to give all you women out there permission to be emotionally and thoughtfully erratic!
 God made us with such an array of emotions, I am blessed to know that He presents me with the ability to use all of them on a fairly regular basis (I am sure I have heard this from someone, somewhere, but this is so true for me)! Some call it hormones or chocolate withdrawal, but I am proud to declare them as His blessings through chaos or calm, delight or despair. It's so easy to define a person by their triumph or the trial, and not realize that with each new day a person's trial turns into their triumph, and a new trial awaits.
My biggest trial lately has been insecurity, and I have been tested (to the max I think, but this may be my overly used emotion of anxiety) by so many folks giving me their opinions on things that are really old trials that I have overcome, or so I thought. But, I am such a people pleaser, I sacrifice my own happiness and allow words to overwhelm me. And then I feel personally attacked, and even chocolate no longer gives me comfort!
Today I decided my most trusted relationship, besides with God, is in my husband. Because no matter how crazy my emotional release becomes, he knows me well enough beneath the layers before even peeling them back. And although I hate it when he says, "this to shall pass" I know it's true, and my triumphant shoulder shrug knocks those opinions out of sight.


  1. And that's why He created him for you! (and you for him really!) All those layers & emotions are what make you great...and not a robot! :)

  2. Oh Supahmom, this "insecurity" is part of being hman. I think we all have tests that we are given here on earth and this must be yours to work through. I have my own that I work on and there are days that I struggle. Having emotions is a good thing. It shows you have feelings and a heart! Have a great night my friend!

    Mama Hen

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