Friday, June 18, 2010

To Snuggle Wuggle

I just realized that I didn't have my coffee today. So, I write this, sipping on a hot cup o' joe and watching the clouds taunt us with breaks of sunshine before the thunderstorm hits. My boys ran inside and said, "We can't play outside, there's a tornado warning. Look at the clouds." I promptly armed them each with a popsicle, pushed them through the back door and said, "You are staying outside until it gets rainy." And no, there are no tornado warnings- a rumor among the neighborhood kids.
The day started with a snuggle wuggle. The picture demonstrates a snuggle wuggle from last summer. That is what we call our cuddling when the boys just want to be loved. With the first downpour today, the two younger boys snuggle wuggled with me while we watched one of my faves, Finding Nemo.
It was weird to watch it with my oldest missing...he had his first official sleepover at a friend's house. This movie was one we watched every day one Christmas break when he was 15 months old and all three of us were battling the flu. The movie is something special because it reminds me of my baby, my sick baby who needed extra loving care- alot of snuggle wuggling. At least I had two of my best snuggle wugglers with me as we watched!

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