Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our Summer Plan, Stan

So, I have a whole summer ahead of me, without a vacation planned or date nights made...I feel like I am setting myself up for pent up, wild child disaster! With that as motivation, the boys and I made up a "craft" list of things we would like to make this summer. I am also going to try and instill "quiet time", "school time (uh, we'll see how that goes...homeschooling is not my thing), "chore time", "pool time" (this will be a major tool to get the other things done! :) ) and of course, as always, "family time". Maybe among all this "time" I will get some "me" time too! :)
Here's a list of all our summer crafts if you need some ideas. I am hoping to have this once a week...as well as fun random stuff since we have other craft supplies too:
Kicking off The Summer: Ships Ahoy!
Treasure chests
Treasure maps
Ocean wall in basement (2 days worth)
The Ship Mates:
Growth Chart
personalized t shirts
self portraits
The Cabins and the Creatures: (okay these are really just misc. the boys wanted to add them to the list)
glow in the dark ceiling decor
clay pets
cardboard pet houses
Here's the schedule so far: (the time we will do this schedule is in the afternoon when things slow down a bit and we all get restless...)
Mon- practice math, numbers
Tues- do one of our fun crafts above
Weds- Cleaning day--the boys are in charge of their bathroom
Thurs- Bible verse, story, lesson
Friday- Abc's, phonics, handwriting....

The fun names help me and the kids to remember what's coming and know exactly what's in store!

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