Sunday, May 23, 2010

First Days of Summer?

Having lived in Texas most of my life, I have a hard time calling a 60 degree, muggy, windy day "Summer"here in the midwest, but besides the weather, it really did feel like the summer days we first experienced here last year. Kids were everywhere. The boys played in the sandbox with a few neighbors for a while, then made a fort with another neighbor. Grown up neighbors were out and about, migrating to each other's porches. And the most obvious symbol of Summer was the mass of children playing "ghost in the graveyard" across three backyards at dark. We ended the night around a neighbor's fire pit while the kids began to drop like flies, crashing on the couch and living room floor. The boys' feet were black from running around barefoot, and after wiping them off with baby wipes, I covered the sleepyheads with a blanket and let them have a "sleepover" in the living room.

So, Summer is on it's way, and this morning proved it all the more. The mugginess in the house won't be relieved by the opening of windows...My hubby just woke up and confirmed the new season coming around the corner, "I'm turning the AC on!" Wow, these Texan transplants have NEVER waited until the end of May to turn the AC on..actually I don't think we ever opened windows until we moved here! :)

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  1. Boy we have not had to turn the AC on yet, but I ma sure it is coming soon. Happy Summer!!!! I love this time of year to be outside, drinking a lemonade and swinging on the tire swing with Little Chick!

    Mama Hen