Saturday, May 8, 2010

Each woman, A mother

A flower for Mom
So much today can consume us and send us on a downward spiral of negativity and hopelessness. But days like tomorrow, Mother's Day, remind us of the beauty and God-given role each woman may embrace at some point in their life--It keeps hope moving forward. I have friends who aren't moms, but they can still be the nurturer, the kind voice, the safe place for a world full of motherless children. Each woman is empowered through this unique design and I pray that each woman chooses to embrace it at some point in their time on earth.
These days are filled with this role pushed aside, not respected, treated as a cop-out to successful careers. I have felt the sting even in my small part of the world, being denied three times to be dismissed from jury duty even though I have no childcare available for my kids. This society forgets where we all came from, how our generations have made it-- because of women who chose self-sacrifice, submission (not in the way you may be thinking-- to their duty, role, purpose), and the love for a child.
Just a couple of years ago, you would catch me saying, "Oh, Mother's day is such a Hallmark holiday..." And, maybe it is. But now I realize how important it is to celebrate these God-given roles today, because choosing motherhood now, is often a side note and a less revered decision. But to see the joy of a child because of an act of a mother, whether biological or not, is an emotion that each woman should revere to the highest!
 I want to wish all of my friends and their mothers, a joy-filled Mother's Day and hope you are blessed beyond measure!

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  1. Happy belated Mother's Day!!!!

    Mama Hen