Thursday, May 20, 2010

Berry Special Friend

I have never been able to match the thoughtfulness of my best friend of 15+ years, Cami. Without fail, the UPS man or postal worker delivers her many gifts marking special occasions in my life. Today, I received a box of delicious chocolate covered strawberries because she knows what I am going through and she knows I LOVE chocolate!
Christopher said, "That was nice of her," and then questioned who she was...his Godmother! I think he thinks he's pretty special to have such a great lady as a Godparent, and I have to agree!


  1. you are WORTH every moment of my time -- I love you like a sister and I wish that we could live closer so that we could have coffee, a shoulder to cry on, or even a hot momma date! I'm glad the berries perked up my girl (even if for just a moment). I love you & hope that today is a better day...they will get easier -- promise. As for Christopher, I feel sad that I cannot play a bigger part in his life as his Godmother...but one thing I do know, I love him with all that is in me & know that you & Cody are raising him in a wonderful Godly home.
    Love always, Cami

  2. What a lovely post!! AND such a great comment in response. The chocolates look delicious!

    Mama Hen