Thursday, April 22, 2010

We are Mothers, Here us Roar!

MOPS ended today. And I am glad to say it was a great year! It took two years for me to complete a full year as coordinator! (For those who don't know, I moved halfway through the year during my first coordinating position.) I must say, I don't feel burned out, or sad...a little relieved for a break, but mostly I am so excited to get started on planning a new year with another great Steering team (some spots haven't been filled, but I am completely confident in the women who have signed up for our informational). One thing I have so appreciated from the women here in our part of Iowa, is their willingness to speak up, offer suggestions, and do it in a way that is encouraging and inspiring...I just can't wait to put into action some of the great ideas I have already heard and creatively accommodate the diversity of thoughts from some awesome mothers!
I am also very grateful for the church that sponsors us. I have felt so supported and encouraged by them as well, and realize how much their help can push our ministry to new heights and great steps to equipping and supporting our moms.
God has certainly worked through me in this leadership role- teaching me valuable lessons in teamwork, humility, and most of all faith that He is in control and has not turned his back on the profession of motherhood! I feel a new movement coming on, a movement of women embracing their unique ability to nurture, equipping their children, nieces, nephews, friends' children- for the big wide world, and knowing that their duty is important and blessed by the Almighty. I pray that the excitement of changing the generations to come is kindled in every parent, friend, aunt, grandmother of our youngest generations, and I know that this can be accomplished greatly by all the mothers out there!

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  1. It was a great year! Thank you for your hard work and inspiration, and for being an excellent leader! I'm really looking forward to next year!