Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sweet Liz on Easter Sunday

I spoke to a dear friend today. She is 70 years young, and we figured out that we have known each other for almost nine years now. It's taken almost eight of those years to realize how blessed I am to have a sister in Christ like Liz. She is such an amazing example of a woman who is totally dependent on God as she has NO family, never been married, and lost her parents in her teen years. I doubt a stranger would not figure out in less than two minutes that she follows Christ fervently...she is always praising God or declaring prayer requests whenever we speak. Her trials in life are foreign to me, things out of a fiction novel, but she allows them to refine her heart and shape her more and more like her Savior. If only she was online so she can see how highly I regard her...sometimes words don't come as easy on the phone!

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