Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I am annoyed today. I have nothing big to be annoyed about, but little things have caused me to be extremely grumpy. First, AND FOREMOST, our dog Josie ran out of the backyard across three backyards because her electric fence isn't working. She has been easily tricked the past week- if her collar is on, she thinks the fence is on. But her sense of smell and the enticing robins that are abundant this year, had her sniffing several yards away and I had to load the boys up and drive to the next street to retrieve her. Did I mention it's nasty and wet outside? So now the passenger seat in my car is muddy with her paws. Of course this happens when I am suppose to be on my way to Bible study, so I feel rushed and flushed!
The dreary rain, and unsettled sleep through thunderstorms last night, must have triggered exceptional naughtiness in my three year old today, contributing to my mood. We walked a few steps out of his childcare room after Bible Study, and he had already mauled his way through people, almost knocked down some huge panels leaning against a wall, climbed onto a dolly where more panels were stacked, tried to escape to the church basement, and wrestled Christopher's jacket to the floor, lying sprawled out at the bottom of the church stairs. UUUGGGHH! He managed to top it off by fighting with his brother and poking Christopher's eye.
Now the kicker- Beth Moore talked about patience again today...and how passion and patience go hand in hand....the longing and the wait have to go together or else it's not waiting, it's just time passing.  Thanks, Beth! What a morning to talk about that! Usually I am pretty easily receptive to God's wisdom, but I just don't feel like it today.
I am LONGING for the stage Thomas is going through to be over, even though I know the wait may be a while. And I am LONGING for Cody to fix the fence, even though I know the wait on that WILL be a while especially with the stinkin' rain! So really, life is just passionate patience for me, and sometime my passion is not as pretty as it should be!

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