Monday, April 19, 2010

My Date with 4:8.

I often step back and let my boys (my man included :) ) walk ahead and I watch them from a distance. Some of the best moments have been on our family hikes. We all seem to find just that, ourselves- unaffected by others and completely rejoicing in the beauty of creation. I love that my boys delight in finding a great walking stick, picking wildflowers (even if they're dandiions) and eagerly handing them to me as if they are the most precious gifts, and venturing a little bit away from Cody and me knowing that they are safe and watched well. Just blogging about this is therapeutic to me after the last entry I wrote. I needed to reflect on lovely things, good, pure things. To focus on these things are brilliantly declared in Philippians 4:8- and this verse is certainly one of the most simple but powerful requests in Scripture. And I often forget to do this, but it's never too late. So, thank you Lord, for your creation and for your abundant blessings upon us.

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