Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Double Dose: From the Mama and the Drama

We have a lawyer in our midst, an almost eight year old boy, and right now he is not displaying the respectable qualities of the profession. I won't go into detail, but can we say that the words "manipulation" and "victimization" were key words in Cody's and my parenting discussion tonight. I am ashamed to say that our second grader was dishing it out so thick that we were ALMOST blinded by the outstanding moral character we had sooo carefully molded over these years! HA! I hope you can sense my complete sarcasm!! He is just as much of a fleshy human as I am, albeit a clever one- and too big for his britches!
I am not blogging this to cut my son down, I am writing it to help me completely digest that we MUST continue to keep our eyes open, our role as parent firm and unwavering, and our love unconditional. Our family almost lost credibility and new friendships over silly childish misbehaviors, and I am thankful above all, that Cody and I have matured enough to not sit and cower in the corner, but make sure that we allow truth and grace prevail in these types of situations!
Aside from the drama of parenthood, I am also solidifying a concept in my life from good ol' Beth Moore- I can't allow my "fears " (or thoughts, worries about things that haven't even happened) to rule my relationships, actions, and decisions! Ugh, I have fought this one for years, and even though I have overcome some pretty big fears in the past several months, I have noticed more discreet fears or imagined entitlements have crept into my peace of mind and left me in a downward spiral of sin. I have a headache, and it is definitely my own doing. My own little demons are having a hay day with my over-thinking and over-feeling of things that are sometimes just figments of my imagination! Do you ever feel like you want to take an soul scooper and just clean out the junk inside to start over? I can't even tell you how many times I have wished there was something as easy as that to quiet my insecurities and untruths about myself and others.

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  1. Very inspiring, Angie! I look forward to following you!